Glengarry Glen Ross


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Year: 1992



Genres: Drama

Language: English

Mediatype: DVD


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Times are tough in a New York real-estate office; the salesmen (Shelley Levene, Ricky Roma, Dave Moss, and George Aaronow) are given a strong incentive by Blake to succeed in a sales contest. The prizes? First prize is a Cadillac Eldorado, second prize is a set of steak knives, third prize is the sack! There is no room for losers in this dramatically masculine world; only "closers" will get the good sales leads. There is a lot of pressure to succeed, so a robbery is committed which has unforeseen consequences for all the characters. <i> Written by <a href="/SearchPlotWriters?">Patrick Dominick {}</a> </i>


Glengarry Glen Ross

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